Monday, March 4, 2013

Dodecahedron and the Machine

Well, I started the morning with a little geometry. I started by sketching the dodecahedron onto the page, then I masked it so that the watercolor would not get on to that part of the canvas.
  I have been experimenting with some liquid watercolors lately. That may sound oxymoronic, but generally watercolors come in either a dry tab of pigment, to which you add water or the semisolid form in a tube, to which you also must add water. The new liquid watercolor is highly concentrated and I have only added water to dilute.
Anyhow, the background is with the liquid watercolor slightly diluted. I like the contrast of these two colors.

After that I ran a few errands then came home to settle in to this little friend. It took a while to set up the iphone so that it was at the right height and so the cat wouldn't knock the whole apparatus down. All in all it worked out for a pretty cool time lapse of my process.
Then here is the finished piece. That dodecahedron snuck in to this one too.

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