Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Potter Found His Wheel

     Last week I got the pottery studio up and running. It was really nice to work at the wheel again and to have a wood shop so near, as I made a couple tools for myself. Then, this past weekend my family helped me to get the kiln ready and plugged in electrically. All ships are go.
 The wheel has actually been waiting here for a while. This one belong's to my friend Beka who is loaning it to me so I can offer classes.
 Two that I made. I dated them to see what their shelf life will be. I also made a wire pull.
 Giffin Grip. A trimming tool that my parents got me for christmas. This thing is like a dream.
 Here is the first batch. All of these are on the road to becoming birdhouses.
Here is the kiln. All ready in it's new home.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Refining the Show

So this morning I am working on getting my Etsy shop dialed in aesthetically. I've known for a long time that the photography is pretty shabby, though the iphone tried so hard. Anyways, I'm pleased with the new images and know that there is more work yet to be done.
Here are the animals I have been working on lately with the hopes of someday putting together a children's alphabet book. I'm up to nine...seventeen left to go.
They're all available at the shop through the links below each image.
Thanks for looking and for all of your support.
D is for Dragonfly