Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Often I am asked what medium I work in... and it is often that I am left without a clear answer. I do tell people that I have artists ADD. Last week I trevelled with Aunt Sue south across Florida and into our old stomping grounds in the Keys. Here are some of my photographs from the trip. I beleive that they are art.
 This should make a nice leaf portrait for the series.
 Sure challenge for still life.
 From Sombrero Beach as the sun was rising.
 Buoy on Bahia Honda.
 Sombrero Beach sunrise.
 Sunrise panorama.
 The Tree from Palm Beach.
 I've done a 5" x 7" study of this already. Isn't the blue of the water amazing. 
 Palm Beach
 I saw three man-o-war on this trip.
 The red lights are meant to keep the sea turtles from going the wrong way after they lay their eggs in the beach sands. This was on Sombrero.
 This young mangrove was sprouting from the jagged rocks that I used to swim around at Sombrero. I was amazed to remember that I used to walk in bare feet on those rocks as a boy.
 Sea grape leaves on the coast at Bahia Honda. I had forgotten skies this blue. It is daunting, but I plan to make this a painting as well.
 I loved the sand resting in the fold of this leaf. Leaf portrait for sure here.
 This was a shot from the first morning on Marathon. I love these.
Sentinel from the Atlantic side of Bahia Honda.

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