Friday, April 13, 2012

Crunch Time

Well I am a little more than one week away from the garden show where I'll be selling my birdhouses. My goal has been to have fifty ready for that date. As of right now I have forty six pieces of pottery... Which means I have quite a bit of woodworking to get on with. Here are some photos of me working some of the wood into the subtle curves that will hold the pots:

I cut the wood and run it through the drum sander to get it at thickness. Then I glue two to three pieces together. Here I am applying the glue.

These forms sandwich the wood into the subtle curves that I have been working with recently. This plus the glue setting overnight will force the wood to maintain its shape.

After I remove them from the forms all that remains is to drill the holes for the bolt and to select the pottery that will work best with the wood. Here is a match.
Oh one last step which does involve another overnight... Finish.

More to come soon.
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